Industry event: Print is here to stay

As a result of the down economy, the number of cost-efficient digital marketing strategies and tools has increased at a rapid rate. However, at a recent event hosted by Think Patented, printers reaffirmed that techniques such as direct mail, brochure and poster printing and foil printing are here to stay.

The event featured speakers from Eastman Kodak, the United States Post Office and The Print Council, the blog What They Think reports. They made a case not only for the effectiveness of print as a marketing tool but also as a sustainable resource.

Joanne Vinyard of The Print Council maintained that there is an "ongoing quest" to increase knowledge of print among marketers, adding that it remains an effective "decision making point" for many consumers.

"Print is emotional, print is exciting, print is interactive, print delivers. Our innovative solutions combined with great designs and ideas from our clients can really deliver a positive ROI," said David McNerney, director of sales and marketing for What They Think, according to the blog.

And as small businesses are planning to increase their marketing budgets in 2011, printing professionals who successfully market their own businesses will be able to capitalize on this trend.