Small business owners should take advantage of clear direct mail channel

Developments in digital marketing such as social media, location-based advertising and group purchasing websites have spurred many small business owners to abandon their direct mail strategies for what they believe to be a more cost-efficient solution.

However, a recent surge in the volume of direct mail marketing has many experts thinking otherwise. According to Washington, D.C.-based The Mighty Copywriter and Bethesda, Maryland-based List Center, in the past six months the volume of mailing lists has increased.

In fact, David James, president of Bethesda List Center, said the number of postal mailing lists rented during the second half of 2010 rose 20 percent, compared to the first half of the year.

"The disappearance of direct mail from in-boxes has created a huge void that marketers should take advantage of," Bob James, president of The Mighty Copywriter, says. "It's almost a novelty to get a piece of direct mail nowadays and that scarcity is creating an unprecedented boost in response rates. All marketers should think hard about testing postal right now."

For small business owners looking to reengage with direct mail, they may want to consider using unconventional package sizes and shapes to make their print materials really stand out.