Foil edge cards on the cutting edge of a great design

Raise the bar on brand presentation with foil edge cards, metallic edge jewelry tag, foil edge business cards, or edge foil postcard. The accomplished foil print experts at Corcoran Printing have the skill needed to achieve custom metallic-edged cards that will cause a brand sensation. Use metallic foil to add a little swagger to your business cards, custom postcards, or backer cards. Double thick black cards with sleek silver or copper foil are sure to stun. Send recipients over the edge with hip holographic foil, fluorescent foil, or any metallic foil edge at all.

Sleek & Sophisticated card foil edging

Whatever the printed card, it can be made even more distinctive with metallic foil edging. Shimmery foil edge cards can enhance a foil-stamped logo or embossed design on any business or marketing card. Our foil stamp experts can transfer even the most intricate design onto paper. Exemplify a rich look and feel, and enhance your professional image with a foil printed and metallic-edged business card. Here are a few of our foil edge products.

  • Gold/Silver foil edge cards
  • Metallic edge business cards
  • Metallic finish cards
  • Edge foil business cards
  • Edge colored business cards
  • Foil accent cards
  • Embossed foil edged cards
  • Special business card finishes

Maximize shine with foil accent and foil edge cards

Start with a classic foil embossed design on your card and then escalate it even further with foil edging or painted edges. Your new foil edge cards will embody class and prestige. The thicker the stock, the more dramatic the effect. We suggest a thickness of 14 point to 32 point. With a foil edge specialty print finish, we apply foil directly to the edges of thick business cards or other types of cards to achieve a dramatic metallic effect along the edges. Edge foil is available in countless metallic colors and can be added to any thicker business card, postcard, invitation, announcement card, or custom retail tag. As we mentioned above, edge foil works best on duplex or triplex cards.

Foil colors for a foil edge business card 

Be distinct with a shiny metallic foil on a high contrasting background. While most people only consider gold or silver foil, we offer a large selection of metallic and specialty foils to help you achieve a more polished look. A warm rose gold foil on a clean white card can help represent a level of sophistication. It’s an ideal combination for an elegant invitation or jewelry card. Metallic gold on white, black, or nearly any color card stock is eye-catching for business cards, product tags, and invitations. Silver foil on black or a deep color hints at accomplishment and is ideal for a professional business card. Brighter foils can pop off a card and grab attention, while the holographic foil is bright and versatile. Here are some foil color ideas for your foil edge card.

  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Silver
  • Copper Foil
  • Rose Gold Foil
  • Holographic Foil
  • Fluorescent Foil
  • Black Foil
  • Matte Foil
  • Special Effects Foil
  • Midnight Blue, Bright Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple & more

Elevate your foil printed card with edge foil or edge coloring

The inspiration for a striking foil-edge card starts at Corcoran Printing. Add unforgettable luxury to a business card, electrify your audience with an invitation, or dazzle with your exclusive jewelry, beauty product, or clothing tag. Accomplish it all with custom foil edge print. We offer a variety of standard and specialty stock options to complement the look of foil edge cards. Our foil print capability is unmatched.

Click to learn more about business card print or our foil stamping & embossing technology.   You can also read more about foil stamp print in other Corcoran Printing Blog articles.

“Produce an extraordinary design with foil printing”