Header Card Packaging Provides High Visibility

Custom printed header card packaging and blister cards are a cost-effective way to attract consumer attention while packaging an expansive list of products.  Header cards and blister cards are ideal for everything from small tools, paintbrushes, and other home improvement items to smaller hardware items, electronics, office supplies, crafts, and more. Custom printed header cards, backer cards, and blister cards, exclusive to your brand, can increase brand identity and help grow sales. This is especially true on crowded hardware displays or in craft or supply shops. They’re also highly versatile with the ease of drilling a hole for a hanging header card display. No matter what the product, the packaging is key to sales and can make a big impact on your business.

Custom header card & blister card packaging solutions 

Seal the deal with a custom printed header card, blister packaging, or backer card. Printed packaging should always grab attention and promote the value of your brand. Professionally printed header cards, backer cards, insert cards, and blister cards help showcase your product. They also promote corporate identity. Header card packaging is a strategic solution for all of your small component packaging and display needs.

Printed blister card packaging

Custom die-cut blister cards provide a highly visible branding of any smaller product or multiple-piece packages. Blister insert cards can be printed and die-cut to any unique shape or size. Single blister cards, double-sided blister cards, and fold-over blister cards all serve to better package an individual product or small parts. They also provide ample space for sales messaging, instructions, and useful information. Blister cards can be printed in one color, two-color, or full color, depending on your needs. Blister packaging is ideal for an array of applications. This includes packaging for smaller electronics or small parts or components, batteries, hardware items, pharmaceuticals, and even toothbrushes.

Printed header cards provide great space for branding 

Header cards, backer cards, and die-cut insert cards allow the space you need to advertise your brand on any display. Header card packaging is becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective packaging solution. Custom printed header cards can be either directly attached to a product or used as a topper for a see-through bag for retail merchandising. A great example is a Hanging paintbrush header or backer card. The hanging card enables consumers to fully view the brush, rather than hiding the product in a box. As well as being an economical solution to your packaging needs, this display of a product can also help close a sale.

Corcoran Printing provides the following retail packaging solutions

  • Custom header cards & hanging header cards
  • Backer cards for blister packaging
  • Printed blister cards
  • Printed packaging insert cards
  • Fold over header cards, insert cards or blister cards
  • Single-sided blister cards, header cards, or insert cards
  • Double-sided blister cards, header cards, or insert cards
  • Custom printed fold-over bag toppers & labels
  • Printed retail packaging tags
  • Clamshell insert cards

Add a splash of wow factor to your packaging  

Packaging something really special, such as your own line of health and beauty products? Foil stamp print packaging can provide the dazzle you need to hold attention to and highlight your product. Metallic foils in nearly every color imaginable are available to enhance the packing of products with a foil-stamped header card or backer card.

In a world where packaging presentation is critical to differentiating your brand and building sales, you need a packaging printer with the expertise your product deserves. That printer is Corcoran Printing. We focus on specialized packaging for many industries. This includes small tool and hardware manufacturers, home improvement product packaging, craft, and office supply packaging, and all small retail packaging solutions. Click to more about our printed packaging print expertise and options.