Cover changes can give old catalogs a fresh look

Businesses that use catalog printing to engage both new and loyal consumers feel pressure to send new materials on a frequent basis or risk boring consumers, or even being forgotten by them.

However, for entrepreneurs on a tight budget, creating and printing new catalogs regularly can be a costly venture. Luckily, there are a few tricks that business owners can employ to make their old catalogs look new.

For example, companies should consider using the same inside content but switching up their covers. This is an "ancient cataloging technique," according to the website, and can minimize creative costs because marketers will only need to design one page.

Another technique that can be employed is changing the opening spread (pages 1 and 2). However, this can double printing charges, as these pages will need to be printed double-sided and require plate changes.

Regardless, catalogs have an advantage over newer mediums such as digital, seeing as they are a physical piece that requires consumer effort to read, move or even throw out.