You’re in a competitive market, it may be time for a more effective business card

Many companies put a lot of time and energy into designing and printing creative and eye-catching brochures and postcards, but are still using cookie-cutter business cards to promote their employees and their business. Considering that business cards can be one of your most valuable marketing tools, the focus should be on putting your best foot forward with this initial impression.

Exchanging business cards at networking events and using them as a way of introduction to prospects, both in person and through the mail, is still an important marketing practice. Your business card needs to make a lasting first impression to establish a strong connection with the recipient.

While business cards were traditionally used just to provide all of your basic contact information, your card needs to reflect you and your business, and today’s business card designs are taking creativity to a whole new level. The use of various printing techniques and different types of paper are helping to create unique business cards that are both memorable and effective.

Paper has become a major factor in the design of an unforgettable business card. In addition to various textures and colors, paper weight is also coming into play more than ever when printing business cards, with a trend towards a much thicker stock. Many business cards may look cool, but how do they feel? Do they stand out in a pile of standard business cards? Add a little texture to the heavier weight, and your card will feel like a winner. A heavy linen, parchment or laid card stock, which has slightly lifted horizontal lines creating a ribbed and textured effect, can turn an ordinary business card into something extraordinary.

You don’t need to stick to traditional paper for printing your business card either. Many other materials are being used to create cards that are distinct, such as a clear plastic card, magnetic stock or even the use of cardboard or recycled paper to show a greater focus on the environment.

You can also make your business card stand out in simple ways as well, such as using vertical orientation and possibly a black background, which will really make it noticeable in a sea of white. One printing technique that is sure to be utilized more and more by companies looking for ways to distinguish themselves is die cutting. At Corcoran Printing, we’ve utilized our die cutting expertise to create business cards in all shapes and sizes for an array of clients. From rounded corners, circles and ovals to custom-made logo dies and every shape in between, this printing technique is a great way to customize your card and ensure it stands out from the competition.

Foil stamping, embossing, and soft touch or UV coating are just a few more techniques that will help you produce a one-of-a-kind business card. We recently used a copper color foil on a card with a black background to create a truly memorable look. On another, we incorporated 2 different foil colors, UV coating, and custom die cutting for a card in the shape of an exclusive airline boarding pass.

Creating a unique card that stands out and really showcases your company may cost a bit more than the average card, but it is a worthy investment. The professionals at Corcoran Printing can help with everything from concept through design, paper selection, customized and traditional printing options. Call us today to get started on a business card that truly reflects the image you want to convey.

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