Yellow Pages advertising errors to avoid

Despite the increasing array of digital opens to small business marketers, traditional printing and mailing strategies remain relevant and effective. One medium that has been around for ages, yet is often overlooked is Yellow Pages advertising.

To create an effective Yellow Pages ad, a small business doesn't need to hire a professional graphic designer or marketing company. There are a few mistakes that with some knowledge can be easily avoided.

Yellow Pages ads, like any direct mail or brochure printing campaign, require clean copy. Small errors or typos will result in a business looking unprofessional or harried – neither of which invokes confidence in the consumer.

However, an error-free ad won't convince readers to open up their pocketbooks. It needs to have interesting content and a catchy headline.

"The most common mistake is using your name and logo as the headline. Your company name does not win you business. Your customers don't care what you call yourself until they've decided to pick up the phone and actually call you," the website AllBusiness writes.