Variable data printing allows businesses to customize their direct mail and print materials

As marketers work to acquire new consumers and broaden their audiences, they are often faced with the challenge of making sure each printing and mailing recipient in a campaign doesn’t feel like just another number.

One technology that is helping printers and small businesses accomplish this text is variable data printing. As consumers generally receive hundreds or thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis, it is growing increasingly important to target and personalize each message to increase response rates.

VDP creates a mass of customized documents, rather than a single document bearing the same message for all 10,000 target prospects, Ethan Boldt explains for Target Marketing magazine.

“VDP allows marketers to bring added value to its messages, enjoy market differentiation and create longer-term relationships. All of that leads to more loyal customers, who will be less likely to remove their business based on a cost difference of a few pennies per printed page,” Boldt writes.

Advertising companies and businesses are expected to continue, and even increase, print spending in 2011, according to a recent report from eMarketer, which reveals that spending just remain around $24.6 billion in 2011.