USPS agrees to senators’ proposal

Despite a slew of recent troubles and budget cuts, the United States Postal Service offered one holiday present to employees and direct mail marketers: no more closures, at least for the next five months.

As a result of a request made by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and signed by 22 other senators, the USPS has agreed not to close any post offices or mail processing facilities for five months beginning on December 13, Direct Marketing News reports.

Sanders went further, though. In the letter he summarized the problems the organization is facing, as well as possible solutions. Among them were allowing the USPS to sell non-postal products, revoking six-day delivery and reconsidering the mandate that the USPS must prefund retiree benefits for 75 years.

"We all agree the prefunding requirement is overly ambitious," Postal Regulatory Commission chairman Ruth Goldway said, according to the source. "It most likely overstates the amount of money needed to establish such a fund, and no other government agency has to pay this. The funding mechanism should be at the very least adjusted."

For small businesses, the USPS continues to be a linchpin of their marketing strategies, as direct mail provides consumers with a tangible reminder of their products and services.