One of the most popular features on printed materials these days are quick response codes. Whether it’s a post card or brochure, businesses and other organizations seek to engage smartphone users by implementing the bacode system.

However, as technology continues to develop, there are other systems that are emerging right on its heels. One of them is the SnapTag, which send videos to smartphones once scanned in.

“SnapTags are yet another form of 2d barcode,” Digital Nirvana reports. “They have similar characteristics to QR codes, but unlike QR codes, you can also take a picture of them, text it back to SnapTag, and the content (image, video or link) will be sent back to you much the same way as JagTags.The SnapTag platform is built around mobile SnapTag sites so the person scanning the tag or accessing the content automatically lands on a mobile optimized page. ”

Smartphones have forever changed the way that people receive information. Implementing barcode systems that engage users of this technology could go a long way in helping to increase profits.