Stay in front of your customers 365 days a year with a custom printed calendar

Everyone loves a new calendar. Desk calendars in particular are a fantastic way to market your business with existing customers and new prospects. Most people consider a calendar a gift rather than a promotional piece, thus differentiating it from a standard brochure or flyer.

A custom printed calendar will also increase customer loyalty by helping to keep your clients organized and keeping your brand front and center every day. There are very few promotional opportunities that remain visible for a full year. Each page of your custom calendar will enable you to highlight different products and services, showcase seasonal sales, and advertise special offers.

We have been printing and delivering Corcoran Printing desk calendars to our customers and prospects for years and they are always a highly anticipated gift at the end of each year. We’ve featured an array of designs over time, from scenic landscapes to seasonal photos, and have even encouraged customer participation in our calendar through the submission of pet photos for a pet calendar. We’ve also taken advantage of the calendar to advertise our list of services on each page, and found it to be a very effective marketing tool.

Custom calendars can be a great way to promote your brand through a variety of designs that fit your business and your customer base. They can be designed and printed in an array of styles and sizes, from large desk calendars to various sizes of wall calendars. You are sure to find a calendar style to fit your marketing and printing budget.

Benefits of a custom printed calendar

  • Increased brand visibility – Keeps your brand in front of customers every day for an entire year.
  • With the use of great photos and artwork, a calendar will be a welcome business gift.
  • Calendars are versatile and practical. They are an ideal form of quiet advertising. Your customer is exposed to your brand, but they aren’t aggressively sold in any way.
  • Enables you to effectively reinforce your brand and cross sell different products and services each month.
  • Calendars are a cost effective way to market all year, with only one annual investment.

Custom calendars are an effective marketing giveaway for any business. They are a budget-friendly way to promote your business every day. Begin planning your calendar now, so they can be delivered to your customers by the end of the year.

At Corcoran Printing, we can design and print a custom calendar to fit your business needs and keep your brand in front of your customers for an entire year. Call 1-800-564-0085 or visit the Corcoran Printing Calendar Page today to get started.