Small businesses praise ‘Sample Showcase’ program

Last month, the United States Postal Service announced a slew of initiatives, aimed at spurring direct mail volumes. Now, the first round of its "Sample Showcase" program is receiving high praise.

While the program, which sends consumers a package of promotional materials, primarily features big name brands such as Starbucks and Secret, smaller companies in the initiative are saying the program is providing results, Direct Marketing News reported.

"Not only do we know that our small, flat product isn't going to get lost in the mail, but being in a box with big name products elevates the perception of our brand," Ann Foppe, senior director of trade marketing at Gum Soft-Picks, an oral healthcare product, told the source.

Foppe added that for smaller businesses with a less well known product, the program works exceptionally well, introducing consumers to a product they may never have given a second glance to at the supermarket.

Small businesses are also benefiting from the USPS' "Grow Your Business" days that educate owners on how to make use of saturation mailing and other services to reach consumers.