Report finds biggest use of print among agricultural firms

Digital marketing offers a wide array of options for small businesses looking to grab a bigger share of their markets, but print materials are still critically important as well, particularly in some sectors.

For example, the Content Marketing Institute recently released a study which found that the agricultural industry was one of the most heavily involved with the medium. More than half of the business-to-business firms in the sector used print newsletters as part of their efforts, compared to a quarter of businesses in general. As well, printed magazines were much more common in agribusiness than the national average, at 69 percent to 42 percent.

The reason behind this high usage rate for print media is simple, the report said – agricultural marketers just feel that the medium is more useful to them than most professionals by a margin of around 20 percent.

Experts say, however, that it's important to integrate several approaches into almost all marketing campaigns. The return which can be realized when an effort has real synergy can be crucial.