Printing industry leaps forward

Those with knowledge of the printing sector believe that as time goes on, the very nature of the marketing game will change significantly.

In a recent column for What They Think, industry executive David Erlandson wrote that when it came to the commercial printing industry, emerging technology was making things go more quickly and that clients' needs were being met in a more precise way. He writes that people wanted to get their materials to roll out the perfect marketing message.

"Printing for packaging is complex and challenging, but as high speed digital printing improves and Brand Managers continue to see a proliferation of SKU’s we’ll see the market for digital printing for packaging grow," he writes. "Print on demand, customization, personalization, reduced cycle time are all key factors."

He goes on to write that the use of collateral management systems was expected to grow as well in order to meet the demand of those within the industry.

No matter what type of printing materials a business chooses to use, the strategy has proven to be effective. Think about what type of message is likely to get a positive response and implement it.