Multichannel marketing requires integration, not alienation

While numerous companies and organizations may be racing to leave their digital footprint on social networks, blogs and websites, one business is advising owners not to be hasty and dismiss their traditional marketing strategies, such as direct mail.

Author, business consultant and former syndicated columnist for The Los Angeles Times Jane Applegate recently advocated for clients to go back to the basics with their marketing ideas at a forum sponsored by the Sales and Marketing Society of the Mid-South and the Greater Memphis Chamber.

“So many are asking, ‘What do we do now?’ because the marketing and media landscape is changing so dramatically,” said Applegate, according to The Commercial Appeal. “I advise clients to get back to the basics and develop a compelling message, and when appropriate, integrate that with all these fun and groovy social media options.”

To do so, Applegate told attendees that they must find ways to integrate technology and advertising in a way that includes rather than alienates consumers. Whether this means leveraging direct mail, other print strategies or digital channels is up to consumer preferences.