Microsoft headquarters to switch to recycled paper

Green printing and marketing, including printing and mailing initiatives, have become an even more important business component, as consumer demand for sustainable practices rises.

Now, software giant Microsoft has announced that it plans to switch to 100-percent recycled paper at its headquarters in Washington, hopefully inspiring other businesses to reconsider the types of paper they are employing for daily printing jobs as well as the choices they make with professional printing service providers.

Microsoft will be working with Grays Harbor Paper to make the switch, which it estimates may result in savings of 750 million pounds of carbon dioxide and will preserve approximately 8,000 trees per year.

"Although we have always encouraged our employees to use paper resources efficiently and limit waste, this alliance enables us to conserve resources and reduce waste at a larger, corporate scale while at the same time allowing us to invest in our local economy," said Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist for Microsoft.

The company is investing in green strategies right in line with recent trends. In fact, a survey from Global Industry Analysts estimates that the "global green marketing market" will be worth $3.5 trillion by 2017.