Local newspapers more relevant than websites

While many experts have predicted doom for the printing and mailing industry as digital marketing technologies grow more popular, some organizations are continuing to find print to be the more accessible of the two mediums.

Consider The Keystone, the student newspaper of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. According to writer Matthew Keefer, in the past 10 days The Keystone's website was accessed by 1,258 visitors for an average of 43 seconds per visit.

However, compare this to its print version. For its February 17 edition, the newspaper printed 2,800 copies and only had 900 issues returned, i.e. 1,900 print issues were picked up by readers. And as Keefer points out, this number "doesn't consider the fact that hard-copy newspapers can be shared and read by more than one source."

What does this mean for small businesses and advertisers then? Keefer attests that this medium will always be relevant locally.

"In terms of advertising, for example, if there is a new shopping complex opening locally, it would be much more effective to print ads in a local newspaper rather than online," Keefer writes.

Small businesses should continue to give newspapers, especially local ones, a spot in their marketing budgets. Strategies such as offering coupons or using quick response codes can make these ads even more effective.