Leveraging data management to benefit a direct mail marketing campaign

Using data management in a direct mail marketing campaign will help a firm see the best results possible without wasting excess funds. One of the keys in leveraging data is for firms to integrate customer profiles into their approach.

Due to the overwhelming amount of information available to consumers through a variety of direct marketing channels, it’s the firm’s job to hone in on what is important to consumers and deliver accordingly, QAS Experian noted.

“You should consider your customers and how you can best serve their needs. Today’s mantra should be ‘marketing so good it feels like service,'” Len Shneyder of IBM Enterprise Marketing said in My Customer, the source noted.

Direct mail marketers can also get more bang for their buck by integrating their approach across a variety of platforms, including mobile and social media. Taking a leaf out of the United States Post Office’s book, marketers may want to play to the mobile consumer with a quick response code campaign or launch a Facebook initiative.