FSEA touts sustainability of foil printing

As marketing departments and small businesses continue to develop new strategies for grabbing consumers' attention, foil printing is one strategy that is gaining ground. However, a number of critics have wondered just how sustainable this custom printing technique is.

To address this concern, the Foil Specialty Effects Association recently released a report on the recyclability and repulpability of foil embossed paper and board. And now, this study is starting to gain ground among packaging and graphics professionals.

The association reports that recently Wendy Jedlicka of Jedlicka Design, a long-standing proponent of sustainable graphic design, wrote in Packaging Design magazine that repulping facilities that use a special type of cleaner have little trouble repurposing applied foils.

Furthermore, the FSEA is now developing a special team to put together a pilot program that addresses foil waste and other environmental topics related to foil use.

While individuals can attempt to print on foil in their homes and offices, it can be a complicated process and one better served by a specialty printer, not just a regular ink jet.