Foil Stamping can help your product-packaging and other materials stand out

According to a study released by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA), foil stamping and other high-visibility enhancements on product packaging can help attract consumer attention faster and keep attention longer than ordinary packaging. This goes for your B2B marketing materials as well.fb dept of state3

Foil stamping, embossing and other special printing effects, are already used for product packaging in many industries, such as food and beverages, toothpaste and cosmetics. In marketing, perception is everything, and a product marketed in a foil-stamped package may have a higher perceived quality and value than one in a standard package. In addition to increasing the perceived value, foil also draws attention, which can make a particular product stand out among a crowd of competition.

The FSEA study, which researched the impact of high-visibility enhancements on shelf presence, found that drawing attention with packaging enhancements, such as foil stamping, is critical when trying to ensure a product stands out on a crowded supermarket or retail shelf. Research found that shoppers only view about 50 percent of the products within a category, because of a quick scan of a store shelf, so it is integral for a sale that a product is eye-catching to the consumer and stands out from the competition.

Foil Stamping Success Story

A further study of particular products by the FSEA found that foil stamping definitely increased product sales. In the late 1990’s Gillette launched the MACH3 Razor with foil stamped graphics on the packaging. Although the product had a high price tag that many critics felt was too pricey, the MACH3 became the #1 selling razor in the USA and Europe in only six months. The FSEA study summaries that there are many advantages to foil stamping on product packaging, including getting attention faster and retaining that attention longer on a particular product.

Is it time for you to invest in some attention-grabbing packaging? Foil stamp printing on your packaging could be the next big step in helping your products stand out and increasing the sales of those products. Foil stamping or hot stamping, is simply the application of a foil to paper using a heated die. Foil can be applied to most paper stocks, and the foil stamp experts at Corcoran Printing can help you select the best paper stock for your packaging needs.

Shiny gold, silver and other metallic inks are sure to grab attention in even the most crowded retail spaces. Foil stamping will not only help your product stand out, but it will also add a touch of elegance that will appeal to many consumers. There are a wide selection of foil colors, finishes and effects from which to choose, to help individualize the style of your product packaging.

Foil Stamping Foil Colors and Finishes

Foils come in a wide selection of colors and finishes, from traditional metallic gold and silver, to metallic and matte foils in every color of the rainbow. Metallic foils are the most widely used stamping foils, because they add a brilliant, eye-catching shine. Holographic foils, which add a remarkable shimmer, are also available to help enhance the look of your printed packaging, and foils with pearl effects can add an elegant, pearl-like sheen to your printed piece. Other foil effects, such as marble, snakeskin, leather and wood, can add a distinctive style that will individualize your foil stamped packaging or foil stamped printed piece.

Considerations when Foil Stamping

Foils can be used to make certain text stand out or for specific designs, logos, accents, borders, images or graphics. An experienced foil stamp printer can assist you and your graphic designer with what type of designs are best suited to foil stamping. When beginning a foil stamp project, the stamping should be kept in mind throughout the entire design process. The inside of the letters a, e and o tend to fill in at times, so that should be kept in mind when selecting specific fonts and font size for foil stamping. Also, keep in mind that each die is custom created to the particular design of the foil stamped piece.

Stock selection is also important in the foil stamp process. Weight, finish and coating all play an important part in the overall look and quality of the finished piece. Stocks that are too thin or too porous are not good choices for foil stamping. Uncoated stocks are more ideal than coated. Communication with your printer throughout the entire process will help ensure a high-quality and eye-catching foil stamped piece.

Creative Printing Finishes

In addition to foil stamping, die cutting and embossing will just add to the visual appeal and excitement of your product packaging. The Corcoran Printing foil stamp team can help you understand which additional finishes would best enhance your project.

Get Attention with Foil Stamped Packaging

Foil stamping can really make your product stand out in a store, and is currently being used with many products to help increase sales. The smart use of foil stamping can help draw a customer’s eye right to your package. Marketers and product manufacturers are beginning to understand the important role that packaging plays in the sale of products. A small investment can result in a huge return. On a crowded shelf, unseen is unsold, so visibility is key, and the more eye-catching the packaging, the more visible to the consumer. Most shoppers are hurried and make their decision quickly, so you need to grab their attention and keep it.


Foil Stamped Print Pieces

The following foil stamped printed marketing materials can all help draw attention to your brand in a crowded marketplace and wow your customers.

  • Business Cards
  • Booklet Covers
  • Pocket Folders and Kit Covers
  • Stationery
  • Holiday Cards
  • Invitations
  • Jewelry backer cards
  • Labels
  • Seals
  • Annual Reports
  • Postcards
  • Accountants Tax Covers
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates

The foil stamp printers at Corcoran Printing in Pennsylvania can help guide you through the entire foil stamp process, from design through print. For more information visit Corcoran Printing today. or call 1-800-564-0085