Direct Mail

Keep direct mail and online marketing messages consistent

July 23, 2013

Direct mail marketing is an often misunderstood tactic that, if approached properly, still proves to stand up against digital marketing efforts.

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Marketers should pair digital with direct mail to see success

July 18, 2013

Although email, mobile and social media marketing have recently become widely used tactics to reach consumers, marketers should be pairing these methods with a strong direct mail strategy.

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U.S. government spends $1 billion annually on direct mail

June 21, 2013

With its reluctance to take up digital initiatives, the U.S. government is largely keeping direct mail marketing afloat.

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Creating a successful brochure design on a small budget

May 31, 2013

The key to a successful brochure printing campaign lies in the design of the publication itself.

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Nearly 12 percent of firms’ budgets will support direct marketing

May 29, 2013

As companies come out of the economic recession and make alterations to marketing plans in an effort to adapt to online advertising, a greater number of firms are switching up their tactics by focusing on initiatives that will increase their bottom line.

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