Obama addresses US Postal Service woes in recent budget

After the United States Postal Service reported a net loss of $329 million for its fiscal 2011 first quarter – which ended December 31, 2010 – in early February, the federal government began looking at ways to aid the printing and mailing specialist.

Consumers remember ads with well-known figures

Small businesses looking to grab more attention with their brochure printing or direct mail campaigns may want to consider one strategy that big brands have traditionally utilized – celebrity endorsers.

Local newspapers more relevant than websites

While many experts have predicted doom for the printing and mailing industry, some organizations are continuing to find print to be the more accessible of the two mediums.

Industry reports urges printers to make their own recovery

As newspaper subscriptions decrease and advertising revenue within this channel continues to decline, many printing experts have begun speculating over the state of the printing and mailing industry.

Time-sensitive deals can attract busy consumers

Whether a business is using brochure printing, poster printing or a standard printing and mailing campaign, it is important that its materials have a hook – a call to action to get consumers to visit stores and open their wallets.

Businesses should invest time and funds into creating branded materials

Branding a business begins with one simple questions, “What am I trying to communicate?”