Time to Up Your Retail Hang Tag Game

A retail hang tag is an excellent marketing and packaging option for everything from jewelry, accessories, and clothing to specialty foods and beverages. A retail hang tag swinging from a product can provide a wealth of information. A hang tag or swing tag can provide much more than product pricing. When branded properly, a product hang tag can act as a mini ad for your brand and showcase a particular product. Custom-printed hang tags might even sway a customer’s buying decision.

10 Things to Include on a Retail Hang Tag 

Hang Tags Provide Valuable Information for Consumers. They are a practical, cost-effective way to educate and inform. Help a consumer make a purchase decision by providing the details they need for making an informed purchase with a custom printed hang tag.

  1. Brand logo or branded artwork
  2. Brand messaging that helps consumers make a connection with your brand.
  3. Pricing
  4. Sizing information on a garment hang tag
  5. Material details and care instructions, such as garment washing instructions
  6. Unique product details & selling points
  7. The product uses/ a mini user guide
  8. Product safety information
  9. Contact information
  10. Promotional information or a QR code that sends consumers to the web or social media sites.

Foil Embossed Hang Tags

If you represent a high-end product, think out of the box with our luxury print options, including foil print, embossing, debossing, special die-cut retail hang tag designs, and specialty paper stocks. You will not only impress potential customers as they browse store shelves and racks, but you will also send a message of unmatched product quality. At Corcoran Printing, we have the specialty print expertise that is vital to draw a customer to your products.

A Custom Printed Hang Tag is a Great Sales Tool 

Custom printed product hang tags enable you to break through the noise in a crowded retail setting, connect with your customers, and differentiate your products from competitors. A well-designed retail hang tag can also help educate consumers about your brand. A well-branded swing tag enables you to highlight the many features that make your product the right choice for purchase. One of the most valuable perks of a custom printed hang tag is the flexibility you have to personalize and the endless possibilities when it comes to design.

Here is just a sampling of hang tag products produced by Corcoran Printing: 

  • Die Cut Hang Tags
  • Folded Hang Tags
  • Custom Printed Hang Tags
  • Metallic Foil Printed Hang Tags
  • Foil Embossed Hang Tags
  • Clothing Swing Tags
  • Custom Printed Garment Hang Tags
  • Specialty Food Hang Tags
  • Bottle Neck Hang Tags
  • Hang Tags for Health & Beauty Products
  • Full-Color Retail Swing Tags
  • Eco-Friendly Retail Hang Tags
  • Product Insert Cards & Package Inserts

Don’t overlook the significance of a custom 4-color printed or foil-embossed hang tag. They have real potential to influence a consumer. A well-designed retail hang tag can be essential to a sale. On the other hand, a poorly designed and cheaply printed tag may cause a consumer to return a product to a retail rack or shelf.

A custom hang tag design aligned with your brand is a must when it comes to adding perceived value. It’s essentially a business card for your brand. Working with an experienced retail hang tag printer is even more essential to accomplish an eye-catching custom hang tag. For anyone in the fashion or specialty food industry, a custom-printed hang tag is a must for distinguishing your product. If quality matters to you, contact Corcoran Printing today.  We are experts in foil print, die-cut print, and custom hang tag print.

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