Printed presentation folders impress clients

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

It’s time to take pride in the real value of your professional work and showcase your client documents in custom printed presentation folders. After all, you’ve spent many years becoming an expert in your field and building a reputation for excellence. The impression you create with a foil stamped printed kit cover can set you apart from competitors in your field. printed pocket folders are a must for attorneys, accountants and other business professionals looking to impress and project a quality image.

Are you a lawyer or CPA looking to showcase your brand and gain a competitive edge? A printed law firm presentation folder or accounting report cover can give you that step up you’re looking for. Most noteworthy, it will leave a lasting image on your clients and prospects. It also enables you to present your work in a unique, organized and functional manner.

Professionally printed kit covers and embossed presentation folders show your clients they deserve the best and that you value their loyalty. Foil stamped presentation folders can be a valuable marketing tool for any professional. They are ideal for realtors, architects and insurance agents to attorneys, accountants, consultants and more.

Our custom printed presentation folder products include:

  • Real estate presentation folder
  • Will kit covers
  • Legal form kit covers
  • Foil printed lawyer pocket folders
  • Attorney presentation folders
  • Custom printed tax & accounting report covers
  • Foil printed CPA presentation folders
  • Tax folders
  • Insurance folders
  • Printed report covers
  • Die cut presentation folders
  • Full color printed kit covers
  • Press kits
  • Printed portfolios

Printed corporate pocket folders

Corcoran Printing produces printed presentation folders and kit covers in the standard dimensions of 9×12 or in any custom size. This includes an oversize or a mini folder to best fit your needs. A 9×12 size is ideal for any sheets or literature measuring 8.5×11 or smaller. They are printed on a heavy cardstock for durability. Customize printed presentation folders with foil stamping and embossing, die cutting or full-color print. A pocket folder print expert will help you select the best paper stock and effects to achieve your desired look. Presentation folders and kit covers are traditionally printed on both the front and back covers and the folds if preferred.

Foil stamped & embossed presentation folders

Foil stamp print adds a brilliant shine to legal folders or other professional business folders. Foils come in many colors and finishes. Choose from traditional gold and silver metallic to almost any color imaginable. Embossing enables us to stamp an image or text right into the paper stock. This creates a 3D effect that you can actually feel. Furthermore, printed presentation folders, pocket folders and kit covers can be die cut into any shape or size. Easily customize with one pocket or two to best fit your function. Business card slits can also be specially cut in various shapes. Custom die cut business card slit shapes include half moon, hockey slits and universal cut horizontal or vertical slits.

Best uses of professional printed pocket folders

In addition to being an ideal way to organize and present paperwork to clients, a printed kit cover is great for presenting marketing materials. Here are just a few functional ideas for branded printed presentation folders:

  • Attorney presenting legal documents to a client
  • Accounting providing client with year-end taxes
  • Publicist distributing a press kit to the media
  • Architect or engineer presenting prospect with a proposal
  • Realtor presenting a client with closing documents
  • Insurance agent presenting a proposal
  • Business distributing marketing collateral
  • HR new hire orientation kits

Corcoran Printing has been providing high quality printed presentation folders and custom printed pocket folders to clients for nearly 80 years. Each folder is printed in-house and inspected for quality. In addition, we offer folder design services to help give you the best possible look for your printed pocket folders. Professionally printed presentation folders are the perfect document distribution solution for today’s business professionals. As a result, they are ideal for holding confidential papers and other important documents. Your clients will really appreciate the extra effort you put into a more professional presentation.

Click to learn more about presentation folder printing or how foil stamping can make your printed folder stand out.

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Get the most value from your marketing dollar with a custom Pocket Folder

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

When you are looking for an impressive marketing piece to help you make a statement and cross sell your company’s products and services, a pocket folder is a must for your sales team. Also referred to as presentation folders and kit covers, they are an excellent tool when conducting a sales or other type of presentations to both potential and existing customers. They can help effectively communicate your message and organize all of your supporting materials.

Professionally printed presentation folders and kit covers are a terrific way to brand your company with an embossed or foiled logo or other powerful graphic right on the front cover. In addition to developing an eye-catching design for youprir kit cover or pocket folder, be sure to take full advantage of space on the inside and back cover to market products and services. You can fill the folder with an array of collateral materials, from business cards, brochures and sell sheets to newsletterfolders_landings, news clippings, letters and other informational pieces.

While the most popular size of a presentation folder is 9 X 12, which is ideal for holding standard sheets, folders can be customized to your exact shape and size specifications to ensure all of your supporting materials will fit in the space provided.

Printed kit covers and presentation folders are also a wonderful way to present a proposal to a new prospect and are ideal for public relations packets and media kits when promoting your business to the press. They show a high level of professionalism and organization. This versatile and neat way of presenting to clients will provide the highest level of efficiency and ease of sales. They make an ideal leave-behind that is sure to be kept by the recipient.

Choosing the right paper for your pocket folder

There is an array of paper options to consider for your pocket folder. Paper choice will determine the look of the finished product. It is important to choose a heavier stock so the folder stands up to extended use. Typically 12 point is standard thickness while some prefer a stock as heavy as 18 point for extra durability. Gloss coated paper stocks are the best choice when color pictures are

Being used. Higher quality linen, wove or smooth uncoated cover stocks from Neenah or Strathmore produce the best results when Foil stamping or embossing is used.

Designing your pocket folder

Colorful designs will add much visual appeal to the overall look of your folder, as will the addition of foils and embossing. Foils, such as gold, silver or various colors will add great style and contrast to your folder design, especially when used on a darker color. Embossing is great for logos, images or text that you really want to stand out on the cover. Inside pockets can be die cut to your exact specifications, adding even more of a design element to the inside. The inside panels and pockets can also be printed with marketing messages, product or service information. Slits can be included for business cards and also other items, such as CDs.

Finishes for your pocket folder

You can increase the life of your presentation folder with the proper coating and finish. Different coatings can help create a much more lustrous appearance, as well as adding a layer of protection. Lamination will help to make your folder sturdier, while coatings such as varnish or UV will create a glossy shine that can add to the design. There are also gloss & dull coatings, such as satin or soft touch, that can actually make your kit cover feel like suede or leather, and spot varnishes to help produce a richer look.

An expert pocket folder printer, Corcoran Printing provides clients with a wide array of pocket folder print and design options to fit any budget, from one and two color print to full color, foil and embossed, and also special coating and die cut options.

For your next sales presentation, proposal or any marketing needs, contact the presentation folder printing experts at Corcoran Printing. Call us today at 800-564-0085 or visit us at

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