Mailing and Printing

Newsletters must be unique to reach valuable customers

October 7, 2013

Newsletters are an effective printing and mailing strategy that small businesses can use to provide loyal customers with updates on products and services, company news and even special deals.

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The do’s of direct mail marketing

September 25, 2013

While many businesses still employ standard direct mail materials such as mailers, brochures and flyers, another segment of entrepreneurs have begun to use marketing pieces that are a bit catchier.

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Postage is worth the price, expert says

September 24, 2013

As a result of the recession, small businesses have tightened their belts in a number of ways, from slowing hiring to adjusting operational hours. One key arena that has been affected is marketing.

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Direct mail marketers should play to existing markets rather than develop new ones

September 23, 2013

In today’s recovering economy, it’s essential for small business’ direct mail marketing campaign reach the proper consumer.

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Redken leverages cloud-based technology for print, direct mail marketing

September 16, 2013

Hair products line Redken 5th Avenue NYC has implemented a cloud-based direct mail and print marketing solution to reach its consumers and further boost its branding efforts.

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