Tis the season to spread customer cheer with company holiday cards

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Printed company holiday cards connect businesses to the recipient in a way that an electronic greeting can’t. A printed corporate holiday card connects on a much deeper level than a social media or email greeting. People still love to get mail, even in this digital age. Consequently, customers really look forward to receiving and opening company holiday cards.

In addition, printed business holiday cards can help you generate goodwill. They will reconnect your brand with customers and also strengthen business relationships. A printed company holiday card will demonstrate the importance of your customers and how much you value them. Especially if you keep your approach sincere, with no sales pitch, just a genuine holiday message.

Facts about direct mail and customer loyalty

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail has the greatest impact because it offers a tangible experience for the customer. Research found that all age groups are interested in receiving and responding to mail. Company holiday cards are an ideal way to strengthen loyalty. Furthermore, branded holiday cards can also help improve customer retention. A study by Harvard Business School found that increasing customer retention by even 5% could increase profits between 25-95%. Achieve higher customer retention by building a strong rapport and developing loyal relationships. Build better customer relationships through personalized printed company holiday cards. Your loyal customers will soon become your best brand ambassadors.

10 Tips for effective company holiday cards

  1. First of all, don’t go digital. Print is worth the extra time, effort and expense, so you may show your customers they are valued. Printed branded holiday cards are much more meaningful. Paper cards have a much longer shelf life than a holiday email that can be easily deleted before being read.
  2. Custom design a vibrant corporate holiday card to fit your brand. If you don’t want to invest in a custom design, find an existing business holiday card design that best represents your business. Be sure your corporate greeting card is high quality and tasteful. The tone and style of your company holiday cards should reflect your business and your brand.
  3. Be aware of religious and cultural beliefs. Keep the card message and design more generic to avoid offending anyone. You can personalize more through a message.
  4. Try to avoid making a sales pitch. Keep the tone of your printed corporate greeting card more an expression of goodwill.
  5. Impress with special print effects on our holiday greeting card. Consider foil stamped company holiday cards. The effect will really stand out. Die cut holiday cards and embossed holiday cards are sure to get your brand noticed.
  6. Select quality paper for your custom printed branded holiday cards. Corcoran Printing will be able to help you select the paper stock and envelope style to best fit your card. There are many thicknesses and textures from which to chose. The paper selection should enhance the design of the printed corporate greeting card. It should also enhance any hot foil stamping or embossing.
  7. Personalize your printed corporate greeting card with a signature and personal message. Signing a card and adding a handwritten message is a wonderful touch. Printed company holiday cards signed by the business owner will also show a very personal touch. If your list is too large for hand-written personalization, incorporate your digital signature and a personal digital message. What will be most welcome and appreciated by the recipient? It could be a simple message of thanks and gratitude for their support over the past year.
  8. Start planning now. Most of all, be aware of the holiday mail rush. Be sure to order and mail your printed company greeting cards on time. You don’t want them arriving after the holidays. You can begin to mail your holiday card anytime after Thanksgiving.
  9. Double-check the accuracy of your mail list. Be sure to update contact names and addresses. There’s nothing worse than addressing it to the wrong person or having a typo in the recipient’s name.
  10. Finally, consider including a corporate branded holiday gift for VIP customers and clients. Corcoran Printing offers a wide array of branded promotional items and branded holiday gifts. You may have a few customers or business contacts that you would like to acknowledge with a bit more this holiday season. Corcoran Printing can help.

Order your company holiday cards today

Printed branded holiday cards will let the recipient know they are important and valued. Remember, people like to get mail, especially cards. Therefore, you can make a customer’s day this holiday season. Printed company holiday cards are a great investment in customer relationships. Most noteworthy, this small gesture of thoughtfulness can help solidify your business relationships.

Visit Corcoran Printing for more information on printed greeting cards. You will also find information on die cut printing for holiday cards, foil stamping for greeting cards and an extensive listing of our products and services.


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8 important reasons to send business holiday cards

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

We all examine our holiday budgets this time of year looking for cost cutting opportunities. If you are a business focused on building goodwill with your customers and reaching important prospects you definitely do not want to remove holiday cards from your marketing budget. A printed holiday greeting card is an affordable way to market your business and show customers you are thinking of them this holiday season.

Die Cut 4

Here are 8 great reasons to print a corporate holiday card

  • It’s a perfect way to thank your customers for their business over the past year and let them know they are truly valued. There’s nothing more important than thanking your customers, clients, vendors, community partners and prospects.
  • Printed corporate holiday cards mean much more to the recipient than a digital card. They prove you value your customer relationships enough to have your cards professionally printed. People love receiving cards in the mail.
  • Printed holiday cards are a great opportunity to brand your business.
  • Professionally printed corporate holiday cards are an ideal way to market your business in a very personal manner during the holiday season.
  • A printed holiday business card gives you an opportunity to reconnect with customers and others you may have lost touch with.
  • Well-designed and professionally printed holiday cards make a lasting impression on recipients. The impression you will leave on your customers will outweigh the cost.
  • During a busy holiday season filled with endless advertising, it will ensure that your message gets directly into your customers’ hands. A holiday card is sure to get opened and kept throughout the holiday season.
  • Eye-catching printed holiday business cards enable you to strengthen your relationships.

holiday cardAs this year comes to a close, remember that a printed holiday corporate card is a great investment in maintaining customer loyalty and thanking those who have supported your business or organization throughout the year. Now is the time to start planning your holiday corporate card to ensure it is printed and in the mail in time for the December rush.

Corcoran Printing can help with all of your business holiday card needs, from design and color printing through direct mail services. Our full color printing, embossing and foil stamping will ensure a professional, high-quality holiday card that will make your brand stand out from the competition and get noticed.

Call the holiday business card print experts at Corcoran Printing today at 800-564-0085 or visit us online at http://corcoranprinting.com/.


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Pennsylvania commercial printer explains the die cutting process

Friday, November 28th, 2014

die2In printing, die cutting is the process used to cut a specific shape into paper stock using knife-edge cutting blades formed into a steel pattern or cutting die.  A machine presses the die into the paper to produce the desired cut. It will allow you to create an endless range of looks, from unique corners, circles and other shapes to the silhouette of an original image or even your logo. Die cutting can add depth, functionality and interest to almost any printed piece.

Unless you are using a standard design, such as a circle or a star, the die is usually customized to the piece it is creating. The die-cutting process allows for a high level of precision and unlimited design possibilities. It begins with a designer indicating the desired shape in their original design. Next the printer makes a hard copy as well as electronic proof to check the “position” of the desired shape or pattern. Once the die “position” is checked and approved, the die file is sent electronically to an experienced die maker who shapes the metal cutting and creasing rules then mounts the die to a block of wood.

There are several different types of dies. Some have a cutting depth made to cut completely through the paper stock. Perforation & scoring rules are also built into dies to accomplish the various requirements with one run through the die cutting press. This process does not fully trim the desired materials away from the original shape, but rather creates a perforated area that stays in place until you are ready to detach.

“Kiss cutting” is a form of die cutting where a very light impression cuts through just the peel off portion of labels, enabling you to remove just one label at a time, while the rest remain on the backing. Even though the die makes a clean cut through the peel off portion of the label, it merely “kisses” the liner sheet. This method of die cutting is also used for stamps.die1

A die can create a very precise, smooth edge that can include fine details. The Design element of die cutting can be used to create everything from standard windows in envelopes, report covers or greeting cards to much more intricate designs. Hearts, snowflakes, silhouettes, or almost any shape imaginable can be utilized in your concept as a special effect. An array of printed pieces use die cutting as a way to give them a distinctive look. Some of items that utilize this unique design element include gift card holders, bookmarks, clothing tags, business cards, wedding invitations, greeting cards, promotional displays, brochures, boxes and other product packaging.

Though die cutting can produce unique results, it’s not for every print job.  This is why it’s not very commonly used, and why it can be so distinctive.  Paper stocks that are thinner than a cover/card stock do not hold up well to die-cutting and are not recommended, because they tend to curl or get crushed edges under the pressure of a steel rule die. As long as the paper is heavier, there is really no limitation to the type of paper used.

die4Another challenge of precision die cutting is the exact “register” (position or line up) of the image with the die when orders are run digitally as opposed to a press. Digital printing does not hold exact “register” as presses do. Low quantities of 100 holiday cards or party invitations can be die cut after they are run digitally as long as the die cutting does not have to precisely register to an image. If it does have to precisely register, it should be printed on a press.

As the industry continues to embrace new die-cutting technology, you can count on the experts at Corcoran Printing to keep abreast of the latest printing techniques to enhance your design. Corcoran has hundreds of standard dies in house for everything from pocket folders to room key card holders. For more information on our die cutting services, call 1-800-564-0085 or visit the http://corcoranprinting.com/printing/die-cut-printing.



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