Design Tips for Die Cut Jewelry Tags

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

It’s time to spruce up the look of your die cut jewelry tags and earring cards. Ring in the New Year with new die cut jewelry cards and retail hang tags to help enhance your product display. Corcoran Printing is an expert in die cut jewelry tags and foil printing. Die cutting can really make your jewelry cards stand out from the competition. Die cut print is achieved through the use of a specially manufactured metal die that is used to cut cardstock and other materials into specific, pre-designed shapes and sizes. Read on to explore the various options for die cut jewelry tags and jewelry cards. Find a few design tips for all of your retail jewelry tag print needs as well.

Five Design tips for die cut jewelry cards & hang tags

  1. First of all, when planning your design, be sure the die cut jewelry tags or cards fit the look of your brand. Knowing your demographic will help in determining the look and style of your jewelry packaging. The quality of the jewelry display tags, earring cards, and other items should match the quality of your brand. It should also mirror the quality of the jewelry you are selling.
  2. Select your paper stock. Just like the design, the card stock should fit your brand and your product. Jewelry hang tags and necklace fold over cards can be printed on a variety of papers. This can include everything from textured to matte, gloss and many more options. A jewelry tag printer will show you samples and provide suggestions for the best paper to fit your needs and your budget.
  3. Size really does matter! After all, you don’t want your tiny post earrings to be lost on a huge earring card. A smaller card with a more delicate design will better showcase your product in this case. Tags for post or stud earrings may be different than one for loop or hook earrings. On the other hand, if you have a chunky necklace, you should consider a larger die cut folding necklace tag. This would be a sturdier option. Weight also matters in this case. Heavier necklaces and large bracelets may need a heavier card stock for better support when printing a jewelry hang tag for display. Consider the amount of content that will be on the jewelry card or hang tag when deciding on a size. Folding cards or folding tags may be a better option for jewelry cards that require a lot of text. One size does not fit all when it comes to jewelry hang tags and jewelry display cards. An experienced jewelry card printer can help you with suggestions and samples.
  4. Consider how your product will hang. In addition to being cut into a unique shape, jewelry tags can be die cut a hole punch. Options can include a standard hole punch, sombrero punch, hook-shaped die cut or another unique shape for ease of hanging on a display. If you want a hang hole or a sombrero punch on your jewelry tag, be sure to leave enough space in your design between the edge of your label and the hole. Always keep functionality in mind when designing your jewelry display tags.
  5. Decide on finishing print touches. Does your brand call for a classy die cut jewelry tag with luxurious silver or gold embossed print finish? Perhaps your brand is it more colorful and fun? Whether you opt for a full-color playful look or a more elegant look needs to be determined at the start of the design process. Furthermore, think about your brand and your target market from the outset.

Examples of printed jewelry packaging to help your products stand out

  • Custom earring cards
  • Bracelet display cards
  • Foil stamped earring cards
  • Necklace display cards
  • Printed foldover jewelry cards
  • Jewelry hang tags
  • Printed accessory display cards
  • Custom fold over jewelry hang tags
  • Foldover necklace tags
  • Die cut earring header cards

Die cut print for jewelry packaging can be as creative as your imagination. Carefully consider the design of your die cut jewelry tags and jewelry cards, because it can also help capture the attention of the consumer. First impressions are the most important. Take the time to thoughtfully plan out a new look for your printed earring cards and jewelry hang tags.

Interested in exploring the option of foil print on your next jewelry tag? Read our blog “Dazzle Consumers with Foil Stamped Packaging” or “Produce Extraordinary Design with Foil Printing.” Learn more about die cut printing on the Corcoran Printing website. Contact our jewelry hang tag print experts for help with all of your jewelry display needs.

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Print for specialty food packaging

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

You already know your specialty food is delicious. The goal is to get that message across to consumers with equally enticing specialty food  packaging. Will your product be one of many in a crowded retail space or fighting for attention on an online marketplace? According to many consumer behavior studies, packaging is a critical factor when making purchase decisions. In fact, Engage Shopper Consultants reported that a whopping 76% of purchase decisions are made in store. Although a consumer may leave home with a definite purchase in mind, they may not have any loyalty to particular product. Therefore, an attractive specialty food packaging design that fits your product and your brand can definitely influence a decision. This goes for both in-store and online purchases. To increase sales, you need to capitalize on impulse and tap into that split second emotional response.

Don’t underestimate the influence of specialty food packaging on sales

Decisions, decisions. It’s time to make it easier for your target consumers. Although packaging is often the final phase in bringing a specialty food product to market, it can often be an important step in the ensuring sales and influencing consumer decision-making. Some experts believe that product packaging can be considered a selling point all on its own. Both visual and functional aspects of your packaging are important to consumers. Color, type, graphics, paper stock, the use of foil print and the shape of the die cutting can all enhance the appeal of your product. Is your packaging adequately representing the quality of your brand? We encourage you not to overlook this important factor in your overall marketing plan.

Gourmet food product packaging

First of all, although we were taught at a young age not to judge a book by it’s cover, many of us still do. Printed product packaging is part of the overall user experience. Specialty food packaging and beverage packaging can convey many things to consumers. This can include everything from perceived value to brand ideals. Think about what attributes you’d like to convey with your packaging. Perhaps it’s the luxurious taste of specialty truffle oil. Maybe it’s the environmental friendly brand of organic jam or the down home feel of your family’s secret recipe pasta sauce. Whatever the goal, printed specialty food retail packaging can help you achieve it.

Corcoran Printing provides many print options for specialty food packaging

  • Gourmet food hang tag print
  • Specialty food bag toppers & header cards
  • Printed food product die cut hang tags
  • Printed food packaging cardboard sleeves
  • Custom printed bands for retail food products
  • Foil stamped retail product packaging sleeves
  • Die cut paperboard sleeves
  • Food packaging foiled labels and stickers
  • Retail sleeve and bellyband print
  • Die cut food carton sleeve
  • Specialty food swing tags
  • Custom specialty food label printing
  • Printed gourmet food bag toppers
  • Custom hang tab boxes
  • Specialty food hanging tab boxes
  • Custom printed jam and honey labels
  • Custom printed header cards
  • Gourmet food backer cards
  • Die cut bag toppers
  • Custom printed blister cards
  • Die cut printed window boxes
  • Gourmet food printed pillow pack packaging
  • Printed beverage labels
  • Retail packaging print for food manufacturers

Printed sleeves and bellybands

Wrap your specialty food product in the love it deserves with a custom printed and die cut sleeve or bellyband. The open design of a sleeve allows your product to have maximum visibility. A band that slides over a box of gourmet candies or a cookie tin can really grab attention. The same is true for a printed sleeve that fits nicely over your specialty coffee bag or a gourmet cheese product. Whatever the product, Corcoran Printing can suggest the right die cut shape and size. Bellybands and sleeves are often a cost effective retail packaging print solution to enhance the look of ordinary specialty food boxes.

Specialty food hang tag printing and header cards

A printed and die cut hang tag is ideal for beverage bottles and food products that have a neck or a handle. They also fit nicely on jam and mason jars, as well as specialty salad dressing containers. Furthermore, they are durable and easy to attach. A header card is perfect to attach to the top of a bag holding your food product. Header cards are ideal for bags of nuts, dry soup mix, small bags of dried spices and much more. The possibilities are nearly limitless for gourmet food or beverage hang tags and header cards. Both can be printed on an array of paper stocks. Furthermore, they can be jazzed up with metallic foil stamping or embossing and they can also be die cut into almost any shape and size.

Contact a specialty food packaging printer for product package ideas

Corcoran Printing retail packaging printer works with clients to print the highest-quality packaging solutions. We focus on solutions that are personalized to the individual product and brand needs. Remember, first impressions do matter. We want you to be fully prepared for those split second in-store decisions. Your packaging should whet the appetite for the delectable food or beverage that lies inside! Read more about printed retail packaging on our website.


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