Printed clothing tags – design & print tips

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

You’ve got a beautiful clothing line with its own unique personality. Now you need printed clothing tags to enhance that look and reflect your brand identity. There are so many considerations when designing a printed clothing hang tag. They include the size and shape of a hanging clothing tag that will best fit the product. Other considerations would be gloss or matte cardstock, single or double tags, flat or folded hang tags and do you opt for a touch of elegance with foil stamping or embossing. Die cut printing will enable you to print a clothing hang tag in any size. Die cutting also allows for a custom shape and will even punch a hole for ease of attachment to the clothing.

Custom printed garment hang tags are a cost-effective solution to educate the customer about the benefits of your clothing. You will provide details, such as company information, size, pricing, fabric, washing instructions, sales, UPC code, social media links, contact information and more. You find garment tags on everything from formal dresses and suits to outerwear, pants, shirts, activewear, lingerie, children’s apparel and all other types of clothing.

Furthermore, these selling points are not only useful to the buyer, but if designed effectively, can also help you to attract and hold a buyer’s attention. If it’s a lovely woman’s scarf, for instance, the tag should include various ways to wear. For a piece of athletic wear, information on the durability of the item would be very useful. Most noteworthy, think of a printed garment hang tag as a business card for that particular item of clothing. After all, you want that printed hang tag to influence that purchase decision.

Here are five tips for designing and printing a garment tag

Keep your brand top of mind when designing your garment tag

First of all, use your design as an opportunity to both enhance the look of your garment and reflect your brand. Choose a look and color scheme that matches your brand. Be sure the name of your brand stands out.

Design to attract your key demographic

A clothing tag for a ladies cocktail dress should look totally different from a men’s casual shirt hang tag or a hip Boho-style blouse. Select colors, fonts, graphics and special print effects that will be eye-catching to your target market. If you were including an image on a dress tag design, a photo of how the item looks when worn would be most useful to the buyer. Importantly, keep the design clean and easy to read.

Invest in quality printing

If your clothing tag looks cheap, customers may think it reflects a low-quality garment. Do you want to invest in full color or single color? Any special print effects? A sophisticated ladies business suit can benefit greatly from a touch of elegance in the print of the clothing tag as well. This can be accomplished with a foil stamped apparel hang tag or a beautifully embossed garment tag. A more casual, low-key clothing item may have lower-profile look. Remember that you want the tag to help close the sale, not scare buyers off. Furthermore, always try to match the quality of the tag to the quality of your product.

Select premium paper to fit your hang tag design style

Take the time to research and select the appropriate paper stock and weight for your printed hanging garment tag. At Corcoran Printing, we assist our garment industry customers with paper selection to best fit their printed hang tag needs. From a simple white cardstock to a unique selection of attention-grabbing papers and a double thick effect, we can find the right stock to meet your needs. Some of our favorites for consideration include Epic black Classic Crest, Eskra board, Accent opaque cover, Reich Shine pearl cover, Stardream cover, Crane’slettra, Curious metallic and more.

Consider the shape of the apparel tag

With die cut print, you can design your printed clothing tags in almost any shape imaginable. The sky’s the limit, so get those creative juices flowing.

Corcoran Printing’s custom printed hang tags include:

  • Garment hang tags
  • Clothing hang tags
  • Apparel tags
  • Custom garment tags
  • Clothing tags
  • Custom printed clothing tags
  • Foil stamped garment tags
  • Die cut apparel tags
  • Embossed clothing hang tags
  • Printed retail hang tags
  • Clothing swing tags
  • Clothing label tags
  • Printed clothing tags

Custom printed clothing tags can add character to your product and reinforce the image of your brand. It’s just one more way to set your clothing line apart from the competition. The retail packaging print experts at Corcoran Printing produce hang tags for companies large and small, from large clients in New York City’s garment district to smaller boutique garment manufacturers. We print hang tags and other packaging solutions for clients in many other industries as well. Learn more about our retail hang tag and other packaging capabilities, as well as our foil stamp, die cut and emboss capabilities on our website.  Or, click here to request an estimate for your apparel hang tag.  Contact us for all of your custom clothing hang tag printing needs.

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Dazzle Consumers with Foil Stamped Packaging

Monday, December 4th, 2017

Retail spaces are crowded with many products this holiday season. In fact, competition between products is fierce throughout the year. How can you help your product stand out and catch the attention of consumers? According to the Journal of Applied Packaging Research, packaging plays a crucial role in communicating the benefits of a product to consumers. Packaging designers often use high visibility enhancements. This includes foil stamped packaging and gold foil to catch consumer attention and sell products.

Clemson University published a study for the Journal of Applied Packaging Research. It looked at how incorporating foil stamping to consumer good packaging affected consumer attention and purchase preference. Most noteworthy, the research found that foil stamping product packaging significantly affected consumer attention towards the product. Results showed that foil stamp print could be a highly strategic influencer on consumer attention and purchase decision. The study mentioned that “specific stimulus characteristics prompt consumer response.” Packaging stimulus included color, size, the incorporation of complex stimuli, and the degree of novelty of the stimulus. Embossing, holographic print and foil stamping all have the potential to separate a package from its competitors. In conclusion, the study recommended testing of these special print packaging affects to be sure they benefit your particular brand and product.

How can you bring your product to life with foil stamped packaging?

When gold foil stamping or another metallic foil stamp is added to packaging, the result can be brilliant. Foil packaging can draw immediate attention to a product. Furthermore, foil stamp print can be combined with embossing to create a 3D affect, getting even more attention. Foil stamping is not only used to create an elegant packaging for luxury products, but also more frequently to gain consumer attention for every day products.

Foil stamp printing does not use ink., therefore specialized foil stamping is ideal for darker colored papers. It adds a depth of richness to the look of product packaging. A foil stamp effect can make a consumer product stand out in a crowded market of competitors, as well as sway purchase decisions.

Three special print effects for product packaging

  1. Hot Foil Stamping -Corcoran Printing helps bring an eye-catching metallic effect to product packaging for many retail clients. From hot foil stamping labels for retail bags or boxes, foil stamped jewelry tags or gold foil hang tags to foil stamped product wraps and foil candle toppers. Contact Corcoran today to learn more about foil stamped packaging.
  2. Embossed product packaging – Retail is more competitive and businesses are looking for new ways to call more attention to their brand and products. While a foil-stamped package can add that sparkle you need to catch the eye of busy consumer, embossing ads a 3D effect to the packaging.
  3. Die Cut printing – Consider the special effect of a die cut, foil stamped hang tag for clothing, jewelry or other products. This form of retail packaging can also catch attention. Die cutting enables your print piece to have a unique cutout that can vary from simple to intricate. Die cut shapes on tags or die cut windows in product boxes can help to showcase a particular product.

Foiled packaging that stands out on a store shelf

Many companies focus all of their time and energy on product development, and not enough on packaging to help sell their product. Customers often make spur of the moment purchase decisions when they are in a store. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you take an opportunity to grab the attention of a consumer. You can do this with your packaging design and print. Quality printing is important, so don’t cut corners. If you want to showcase a quality product, you can’t do it with cheap packaging. The quality of the print and the packaging is a reflection of the quality of the product.

The packaging print experts at Corcoran Printing can help you learn more about Foil Stamp Printing & Embossing for packages. Learn about Die Cut Printing for packages as well. Corcoran Printing can also help with product packaging design ideas to be sure your product shines in stores. Packaging has an immense impact on how consumers perceive your brand. Be sure to make an impression with your packaging that influences a consumer to purchase your product. Learn more about how special effect printing and foil stamped packaging can help sell your products by calling Corcoran Printing at 800.564.0085.


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