Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday Pantone Possibilities

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday can help when looking for color ideas for your next print project. #MatchColorMonday can be found on Corcoran Printing’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Every Monday, the commercial full color and foil print team showcase a different pantone color palette. Photos are taken of the palette paired with an item that matches. Finally these colorful photos are meant to spur the design imagination.

Thousands log on to Corcoran Printing’s social media sites each week to see what creative pantone concept the print team has come up with. Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday has tied in national brands from General Mills and Kellogg’s cereals to Blue Diamond almonds and Skittles candy. This fresh approach to showcasing color also incorporates seasonality and current events. Follow Corcoran Printing on social media and you won’t be disappointed. You may view a sea of gummy sharks swimming among a palette of Pantone ocean blue one week. A bright summer field of wildflowers highlighting Pantone shades of yellow may spark your print imagination the next week.

This clever concept is sure to provide many ideas for your next printed postcard or brochure. Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday always features various shades of a certain color. Print experts also inform as to the best ways to achieve color harmony. You will get paper stock ideas, as well as foil stamp and emboss ideas. Corcoran Printing provides examples of just how easy it is to find a Pantone color to complement a photo or graphic. The goal is to create a unique look for design of a print piece that will grab attention.

Selecting a Pantone Color

Designers will quickly and easily find a particular color on the Pantone website. Simply type in a color, such as aqua, peach or pink. You will then scroll through many different shades of that color. For ease of navigating, the PMS or Pantone colors are even divided among ideas for graphic designers, fashion and interior designers, and industrial designers.

Find the most recent Pantone Color Report and also the color of the year, along with color pairing ideas. In addition, the site also has many informational articles on the use of and selection of colors. The site pairs well with the creative ideas of Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday. With both, you will be well on your way to selecting the right colors to make your next printed marketing piece pop.

The Use of Color in Design and Print

Color is often used to create a particular mood. Different colors can have an impact on customers. Careful attention should always be given to colors used in logos, printed postcards and printed brochures. Finally, here are some examples of how your customers may be affected by the use of the use of various colors .

  • Red is often used to convey a feeling of strength, excitement and importance.
  • Orange gives the feel of a casual energy and a bit of fun.
  • Yellow brings a mood of happiness and friendliness.
  • Green is of course the color of nature. It has an environmentally friendly look and peaceful feel.
  • Blue is often used to suggest trustworthiness, dependability and security. Blue is a color used by many brands.
  • Black can set many moods. It is frequently used to sympbolize luxury and sophistication when advertising certain products.

See Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday for great color ideas!

Be sure to follow Corcoran Printing on Instagram to see the #MatchColorMonday ideas every week. You can also like Corcoran Printing on Facebook for more color print and specialty foil ideas. Corcoran Printing is the printer of choice for many national brands, as well as local and regional businesses. Call a Corcoran Printing color and print expert today at 800.564.0085.





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Corcoran Printing encourages the use of print media to enhance social media and get more Facebook page likes

Monday, April 13th, 2015

There are many ways to put print to work for you in the digital age. This includes cross promoting your Facebook page and other social media pages on all of your printed pieces. Including your Facebook URL and Facebook logo on printed materials is a great way to increase likes on your page. Examine all print media used in your business and develop a plan to include your Facebook information on all of your printed materials. Clearly display your Facebook page information on all printed ads, brochures, customer letters, statement stuffers, flyers, postcards, coupons, catalogs, direct mail pieces and even your business cards.

Posters and direct mail pieces, such as catalogs and postcards, are a great way to cross-promote your company Facebook page and your other social media sites, such as Twitter. Once you build your likes and followers, be sure to keep your fans interested with informative and insightful content. Be interactive, ask and answer questions, post photos and participate in discussions. Relevant content and interaction is a great way to turn Facebook fans and Twitter followers into customers.

How often should you posocst to social media? Yahoo Small Business says that in general you will want to post at least 3 times per week, but that posting every day is even better in keeping you connected with your fans. The shelf life of Facebook posts are actually quite short. A survey by Wisemetrics found that a Facebook impression takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach 75% of its max. This is just another reason to post every day if you want to reach the maximum number of fans.

Print and social media go hand and hand in today’s world to help you get the most attention for you advertising time and dollar. Colorful graphics, foil stamping and die cutting on printed pieces still grab attention in the hands of potential buyers and those same graphics crossover well into social media. Driving customers and prospects to social media pages, as well as to your website, is a great way to insure immediate contact.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct-mail marketing, while 34% search for them online. A survey by Pitney Bowes found that 76% of small business owners say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital media.

With a combination of both, you will stay ahead of the competition in customer communication and engagement. Be sure to maintain consistency across both print and digital media to keep your brand instantly recognizable in both circles. Use special offers on printed pieces to drive customers directly to your website or social media pages and QR codes for customers to scan and go directly to your site. By printing a scanable QR code right on your printed piece, you not only allow customers to the ability to go immediately to your site, but you can also track use.

A fully digital marketing approach can be a big mistake. When planning your marketing and advertising strategy, remember that print and digital media work well together to enhance the results of your marketing efforts. When you find the right balance of both, you will see an increase in customer interaction and business.

Printed marketing materials are still the most effective way for companies to deliver their sales pitch to buyers. Great marketing materials can mean the difference between success and failure in sales. These materials must send a message that you are professional and serious about doing business. An emailed pdf just doesn’t pack the same punch as a well-branded pocket folder filled with professional marketing materials. Providing professional printed materials also lets your sales team know you are invested in them and their success. When you use these materials to enhance your social media presence, it will only strengthen the connection between you and your customers and prospects.

Corcoran Printing is a full service commercial printer serving northeast Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and entire east coast. Corcoran Printing provides a full array of printed services from full-color postcards, brochures, kit covers, catalogs and other marketing materials, to specialty foil and die cutting projects and complete direct mail services. For more information on how we can help you reach your marketing goals, call 1-800-564-0085 or visit us at We also encourage you to like the Corcoran Printing Facebook page.

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