Postage is worth the price, expert says

As a result of the recession, small businesses have tightened their belts in a number of ways, from slowing hiring to adjusting operational hours. One key arena that has been affected is marketing.

While many companies have turned to digital alternatives to save money and see a significant return on investment, Bob Martel of MetroWest Daily News is instead urging owners not to overlook the “value of a postage stamp” and the efficacy of printing and mailing initiatives for reaching consumers.

“A well-written sales letter is still one of the best ways to consistently deliver your company’s best sales pitch … People don’t want to be pitched, but don’t we all appreciate a good salesperson who helps us make an informed purchase decision?” Martel writes.

A sales letter is not the only way to attract new customers. Martel suggests leveraging postcards – not only do they stand out as a result of their shape but they can also be used in cross-channel marketing strategies. Businesses can include quick response codes, web page URLs or social media addresses on them.