New Jersey launches brochure printing campaign to highlight fishing opportunities

Aiming to educate consumers and attract new visitors to the region, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has rolled out a brochure printing campaign.

The effort includes several different brochures, each of which aims to educate consumers about the fishing options within the state. Each brochure highlights a different region within New Jersey and information on the types of game fish within the area. The DFW hopes to not only attract new visitors but regain those former fishermen.

"All the states have been doing a lot of survey work. They're trying to determine why people stop fishing or why they don't fish as often as they did," said Jim Sciascia, DFW Chief of Information and Education, to Lehigh Valley Live. "One of the top reasons, of course, is time and conflicts with other activities in their lives. Another big thing is that they don't know where to go, or they don't have enough information about opportunities that exist near where they live."

Brochures are frequently used by towns to attract visitors. Southbury, Connecticut, recently partnered with small businesses to launch an effort that highlights the region's historic district.