Foil embossed cannagar bands add shiny dimensional brilliance

Professionally printed foil embossed cannagar bands will add a shimmering texture to your brand’s cannabis cigar. A unique design can be transformed into a brilliant die-cut cannagar ring that captures both the quality of the product and the brand. Cannabis cigar connoisseurs are sure to appreciate the attention to detail that not only went into the product but also the packaging. While we may be living in a digital world, it is the world of print that can help to create the beautiful packaging a luxury brand needs to stand out.

The art of cannabis cigar packaging

Cannabis cigar-making is an art, as is the cannagar packaging that showcases it. Cannagar aficionados are appreciative of the design and print quality of a beautifully foiled cigar ring. Cannabis cigar packaging needs customization that remains true to your brand image. Our highly experienced print team can customize a cannagar band or create a cannagar box that will make an excellent first impression. One that will appeal to even the most discerning customer at first glance. A truly exclusive cannabis cigar band should be viewed as a work of art.

Distinctive foil embossed cannagar bands and packaging

You may already know that foil stamping is accomplished by applying metallic foil to paper using a hot die, but you may be wondering what exactly embossing means. In the printing industry, embossing refers to a method of pressing an image into a paper or card stock to create a design of a three-dimensional raised surface. Moreover, it provides a unique feel to the hand of a cannabis cigar-smoker. When used in conjunction with foil stamping, embossing can also provide a look of superior quality and elegance. A professional printer highly qualified in die-cut, foil stamping, and embossing is crucial in transforming your cannabis cigar with the distinctive look and feel in the packaging you desire.

Custom cannabis cigar packaging

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Corcoran Printing is a renowned printer for cigar and cannagar makers across the globe. Just a sampling of cannagar makers who have chosen us for their packaging needs includes OneDrop Pre Rolls, Brash Cannabis, Cannanova, and Puro Cannagars. Our cigar brand clients include Stixx, Protocol, and Stolen  Throne to name just a few. We can help you with everything from a custom-crafted cannagar band die template to a polished and unique look for your next cannagar box. Furthermore, our foil stamping process can provide you with an exclusive look at a cost that fits your budget. Choose traditional gold foil or select from a variety of colors to fit your exclusive branding needs.

An experienced cannagar packaging printer

At Corcoran Printing, we are experts at producing metallic foil and embossed cigar and cannagar packaging on our top-of-the-line print presses. As we mentioned above, hot foil stamping and embossing can help create eye-catching cannagar packaging that adds an aura of attention-grabbing elegance to your cannagar bands, rings, labels, and boxes. It is the print process of choice for many luxury cigars and cannagar brands. Clearly, this method of specialty print will help to generate greater interest in your brand and products by making your product stand out and get noticed. Contact Corcoran Printing today and let us explain how we can help you add more vibrance and depth to your cannagar packaging. To sum it up, we’d love to print your next foil embossed cannagar band. Tap to learn more about our custom-printed cigar and cannagar packing or to contact us to discuss your print needs or for a custom quote.


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