Custom Hang Tags Introduced Us to Repeat-a-Bow™

We first heard about Hennessy Gift Wrap and this eco-conscious reusable bow when Danny Hennessy contacted us looking for print of custom hang tags for his product. Danny worked in finance when he was introduced to a reusable gift wrap product patented by his in-laws back in the 1990s. It was the eco-conscious reusable fabric that really piqued his interest. The business never really got off the ground when the product was first introduced. With the health of the environment on their minds, he and his wife Kristen decided it was the right time to explore the idea of relaunching the reusable gift wrap business. “We realized the environment was not only important to us, but so many others as well. What better time to revive this product,” Danny commented.

Re-launch of Hennessy Gift Wrap

The couple left their jobs in the San Francisco Bay area and moved to Reno, Nevada to concentrate on the business re-launch. Danny worked on getting the business up and running, while Kristen went back to work as a project manager in construction to support them. While their focus was on revitalizing the original gift wrap product, that soon shifted. Days spent in a hotel room killing time while overseas researching manufacturing plants had Danny looking at a gift bow that he happened to have with him. He remembered how his mom would look for the tape to reuse gift bows and wondered why there was no good reusable bow product on the market. His focus quickly changed.

A reusable bow is born

Danny did extensive research and now has two patents pending for the eco-conscious Repeat-a-Bow™. This was a slow process that took many months of study, trial, and error. Many different high-quality ribbons were tested to see how they would hold up to reuse. A multitude of specially designed adhesive tape pads were also tested for ease and quality of use. Eventually, the couple was satisfied with the technology that was developed. The finished product, complete with special adhesive pads, provides each bow with up to five uses. Danny calls it the gift that keeps on giving. Best of all, it is created and assembled in the U.S.A. and it will help reduce waste in our landfills.

Custom hang tags help market Repeat-a-Bow™

As we mentioned, Corcoran Printing learned about Repeat-a-Bow™ when speaking to Danny about custom printed hang tags. Corcoran specializes in small product packaging, including custom hang tags. The specially designed, die-cut hang tag is ideal for educating consumers on proper use of the bow. On the front of the tag it explains that the bow is good for up to five uses. On the back, it encourages reuse with directions on how to peel off the adhesive covering for each use. The tag also inspires gift givers to “Let ‘Em Know… REUSE The Bow.” As Danny said, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. At Corcoran Printing, we feel this is the ideal product for many of us who are eco-conscious and applaud the Hennessy’s on their focus on the environment.

The development and launch of Hennessy Gift’s reusable bow were accomplished during the COVID-19 pandemic that had much of the country shut down. That’s one of the reasons the couple pivoted to concentrating on the bow rather than the reusable gift wrap during this time. Repeat-a-Bow™ was launched via a virtual event with various retail buyers in November 2020. It eventually landed in a small grocery store chain in California over the holidays and quickly sold out.


Repeat-a-Bow™ launch garners much retail interest

The Hennessy’s reusable bow business has taken off and gained much interest from retailers large and small. So much so that Kristen left her job to work full-time in the gift wrap business. Danny shared that Repeat-a-Bow™ will be available on Amazon in the coming months. They hired an outside sales team to help with expanding retail distribution. They will also be launching a new website and social media presence to help market their reusable bows. The color palette has been expanded and bows are now available in many colors in both 4-inch and 6-inch sizes. Colors are targeted at holidays, birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and any other gift-giving occasion.

More than a business is born

While the pandemic has slowed down research and manufacturing of reusable gift wrap, the couple has not given up on that product. They will continue to research and work on the relaunch of gift wrap as well. In the midst of a year filled with extensive research, a new business launch, and a global pandemic, the couple found the time to welcome their new baby boy, Aidan, to their family. Danny shared this advice for others. “Do not start a new company during a pandemic with a baby on the way.” The couple has certainly been busy, no question about that. To learn more about Repeat-a-Bow™ visit Hennessy Gift Wrap or watch their video to see the bow in action.

Printed retail hang tags to help display products

Just like Hennessy Gift Wrap, Corcoran Printing is family-owned and operated. In fact, we’ve been providing print solutions to our customers for more than 80 years. We love providing print solutions for other family businesses like the Hennessy’s. “Corcoran Printing has been fantastic to work with and very responsive to our needs,” Danny commented. “We were having trouble finding a printer to help bring our hang tag vision to life, but they helped us accomplish that goal.”

Custom hang tags is one of Corcoran Printing’s areas of print expertise. We’ve produced custom hang tags for retail products, including jewelry, bows, clothing, food products, accessories and much more. Learn more about custom hang tag print or other printed packaging solutions.