5 Ways Custom Hang Tags Captivate Buyers

In a competitive marketplace, captivating custom hang tags can help close a sale. Customization and specialty print can ensure a hang tag becomes truly memorable. From lively 4-color print to foil stamping, embossing/debossing, or special die-cut shapes, custom-printed hang tags can help elevate your brand. Here are 5 ways that custom hang tags can captivate buyers.

1 Custom hang tags can appeal to a buyer’s sense of touch

Double-thick hang tags are all the rage because experienced hang tag printers know that it’s all in the feel. Rounded edges, embossing or debossing, or a special stock can all add a unique feel or texture to any product hang tag.  Similarly, soft matte lamination goes the extra mile by providing a soft or velvety feel that is addictive to the touch.  It’s a riveting way to help consumers remember a special brand or product.

2 Metallic foil hang tags provide a striking visual 

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone loves to see the shimmer of printed metallic foils on a tag dangling from a retail product. Metallic foils are used to highlight brand logos and display intricate designs. Foil can also be used as luxurious accent edging on thicker tags. Undoubtedly, foil-printed hang tags are ideal for showcasing high-end clothing and accessories, specialty foods and beverages, beauty products,  perfumes, and more. The elegance and appeal of a luxurious gold foil are undeniable and always inspire a closer look at the product it represents.

3 Playful shapes to draw the eye

Think beyond squares and rectangles when it comes to creating inspiring custom hang tags. A playful shape on a printed swing tag not only draws attention but can also reflect the uniqueness of a brand. Imagine catching a glimpse of a bone-shaped hang tag on a pet toy, the cut of a women’s silhouette used as an intimate apparel hang tag, or a bottle-shaped swing tag dangling from a  bottle of flavored vinegar. Clearly, playful shapes such as the ones mentioned above are sure to grab attention and make a consumer take notice of the product it represents. The hang tag print experts at Corcoran Printing have the die-cut capabilities to help you introduce a bit of fun or edginess in shape to your next retail hang tag.

4 Embrace minimalism for certain brands/products 

Less is definitely more when it comes to certain brands and the products they represent. Clean, earthy tones and neutral colors are ideal for use on custom-printed hang tags for organic or natural foods, natural health and beauty, and organic household products. Without a doubt, hang tags that are both subtle and chic can embrace the mood image of a particular product.

5 Custom hang tags can educate your audience 

Finally, a well-thought-out hang tag is so much more than just a marketing tool or packaging vehicle. In addition, it can serve to inform and educate buyers. Sharing information about a brand, its mission, and beliefs, as well as educating about a particular product’s features and uses, are all beneficial to a potential buyer. For example, if your product is organic, you can educate buyers on the benefits of using an organic product. Providing a bit of valuable education on a retail hang tag can help build trust between a company and its customers and can motivate a sale.   

Custom specialty tag print 

Custom swing tags produced by Corcoran Printing can be found on just about any product imaginable as luxury and retail brands around the globe realize the cost-effective marketing benefits of a riveting hang tag. Here is just a small list of the many hang tag products we produce:

  • Custom clothing hang tags
  • Jewelry hang tags
  • Accessory hang tags
  • Specialty food hang tags
  • Bottleneck swing tags
  • Perfume/cologne hang tags
  • Folded hang tags
  • Fashion hang tags
  • Candle hang tags
  • Door knob hang tags
  • Parking permit hang tags
  • Die-cut hang tags

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Imagine picking up an article of clothing in a store and it’s missing a hand tag. Chances are you’d put it back and look for a product with that familiar tag. For this reason, custom hang tags are essential to most retail products. They can act as the voice of your brand and possibly make or break a sale. Whatever your brand style or goals, Corcoran Printing can help create custom hang tags to fit your needs.

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