Technology plays big role in direct mail

One of the most important advancements advertising over the part few years has been the use of computer programs to help design direct mail and other printed materials. The printing industry has been taken by storm with a number of different web-to-print programs that allow them to customize just what the customer wants.

An industry leader to this end is Quark. The Denver-based firm has been allowing professionals in the sector to meet client demands with its programs like QuarkXpress and others.

In a release celebrating its decades of existence, the company stated that it had changed the way many people conduct business.

“Since then Quark has helped designers, media companies, and enterprise organizations successfully navigate the transitions from print to Web publishing and from Web to digital publishing,” the firms stated.

No matter what technology a company chooses to use, its vital that marketing professionals design the right campaigns. Think about the messages that an audience is likely to respond to and send out fliers accordingly.