Creative letterhead can be featured on a variety of print materials

One sure way to boost a small business’ printing and mailing campaign is to develop a letterhead that will communicate a company’s identity clearly and creatively.

Letterheads are an integral part of any business’ marketing strategy, as it can be used in brochure and custom folder printing as well as on all official company documents and correspondence.

“You must put much thought into designing your company letterhead as it is certainly possible to create an impact with the help of a good letterhead,” marketing expert Gail Black explained in a statement. “You can take the help of some artists to design them for you because it is a medium that you will always use in the future while communicating with others on behalf of your company.”

Furthermore, Black adds that perhaps the single most important part of letterhead design is the quality of the print. If the paper or ink doesn’t measure up, a company could be perceived by customers as just not caring enough.

Letterheads can range from simple to fanciful, traditional or creative. However, regardless of the design owners decide to go with, they should make sure that it matches their company’s mission and overall culture.