Designing a new product should begin with marketing

While there are many different strategies that small businesses can employ to jumpstart a new product or line, contributor Nolan Bushnell for Inc. magazine says engineering or design is not one of them.

Instead, he counsels small businesses to focus on marketing, specifically brochure printing. By creating a one-page, double-sided brochure, owners can communicate to the company and potential investors the purpose and aim of the product.

Bushnell advises owners to “write up the big sell” for the front page, including the product’s unique selling elements and its price. The back page should include more details, such as how to find the product.

“By addressing in detail the purchaser’s wants and needs, the product brochure now becomes an important design document for the rest of the company. A list of features for engineering to build, a synopsis of the necessary market research, an outline of costs for production – you’ll find it all right there,” Bushnell writes.

When small business owners are finally ready to launch their product and a marketing campaign to go along with it, the brochure can be a good foundation to begin with.