Businesses should tap their ‘brain trusts’ for marketing plans

A small business may have a great idea for its brochure printing campaign, however, without the proper research or organization, it may as well flush its dollars down the drain.

Devising a marketing plan is a simple and easy way for companies to ensure that they understand their target demographic and have all the resources the need to reach them. A key part to doing this is tapping into a business’ “brain trust,” Joanna Krotz writes for Microsoft Business.

Krotz suggests meeting with employees, family, friends and industry professionals for a series of brainstorming meetings to address issues such as audience, customer needs, a product’s distinguishing factors and the location and timing of the marketing campaign.

“Meetings can be brown-bag lunches or formal off-site meetings. Just stay away from ringing phones and don’t expect to get everything done in one meeting,” she explains.

Furthermore, businesses will need to asses whether their chosen materials coincide with a demographic’s preferences. Fun brochures may work for one group, but a professional letter might suit another better.