Companies should engage customers through mail as much as possible

Among the most popular ways to keep customers engaged and enable them to learn more about the product and services being offered is through direct mail.

Many experts suggest that marketing departments in a number of different companies should include outreach materials in bills, policies, statements and other printed missives. In an article for Digital Nirvana, Francis McMahon writes that many firms are missing out on these potential engagement opportunities.

“Historically, production print has been the domain of the technology, operations or billing department, a silo neatly tucked away from creative and marketing types,” McMahon writes. “As a result, many marketing execs simply didn’t consider transactional documents as vehicles for their messages.”

The expert goes on to write that businesses that are already using direct mail strategies will be able to increase revenues by increasing the amount of branded promotional materials they send out.

Different departments within companies must make a concerted effort to embrace a consistent branding strategy. Allowing people to find out more about a business through printed material can often lead to an increase in sales.